Cat Supplies / Accessories

Petland of Lewis Center, OH offers valuable information on caring for your cat and choosing a kitten that is right for you.  We have a wide selection of products for kittens and full grown cats alike. From premium cat food like Tiki Cat to 9 lives , we offer everything you need to care for and even spoil your “baby.”  We offer all the products you will need to meet your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

Training Resource Kit – Includes a toll-free number for professional consultation and a training DVD. Deterrents or Repellents – Helps keep kitten away from specific items and areas (scratching, biting, and establishing boundaries).  Behavior Modification Tools, Training information, breed information & instructions for ongoing care.

Maintenance Needs


Collars, leashes and carriers are the major items you’ll need to consider when bringing a new kitten home. Cleaning supplies are also important. There are plenty of cleaning supplies on the market depending on your flooring and your preferences. Choose a product labeled “pet safe” to ensure the product is non toxic when ingested. Enzymatic cleaners, which specifically break down proteins such as the ones found in urine, are very helpful for those house training and spraying incidents.

Environmental Needs

Choosing a litter box is one of the most underrated decisions you will make as a cat owner. Covered or open litter box? Manual or automatic litterbox? Scented or unscented litter box? While many people choose litter boxes based on their own preferences, it’s vital to keep in mind that your cat’s preferences are the deciding factor in whether or not he or she will use it.

Nutritional Needs

Premium Grade Cat Food – Ensures proper nutrition–check for quality ingredients. Appetite Stimulant – High-calorie dietary supplement. Extremely important during environmental changes. Encourages good eating habits and combats hypoglycemia.


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