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Customer Comments: It was amazing! Everyone was was amazing, I'm so excited to go back!


Customer Comments: Everything went great, everyone was very nice and helpful.


Customer Comments: It went really well, everyone was very helpful and the manager was extremely nice.


Customer Comments: They were amazing and were very helpful when finding our puppy and it was great.


Customer Comments: The workers were very helpful and wonderful. Everyone is really wonderful and very helpful. I bought two dogs and loved the service.


Customer Comments: It went great, workers were helpful and very knowledgable.

Olive P

Customer Comments: Awesome place cute animals too

Ashley Bowers

Customer Comments: Pet Look alike contest: I entered the pet look alike contest with my seven month old Siberian Husky, Ace. He is the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet. He is loving, energetic, and very playful. He loves to play in the snow, with his brother Meeko, and his sister, Panda. I can't imagine my life without him. Review of Petland Racine: I know many people who have gotten their adorable fur babies here and they are extremely happy! Every time I have called regarding puppies the staff has been so friendly and helpful. Their puppies are in great hands! The location is very clean unlike most pet stores. I haven't experienced or heard a single bad thing about Petland Racine. If you are looking for an adorable puppy this is the place to go!

Michael B

Customer Comments: Our family spent about 6 weeks going in and out of Petland Racine. We spent hours with a variety of pups and had a lot of discussion with the staff. We found the store to be clean and always full of customers. My wife and I had several discussions with the store owner, Adam. He has been with Petland for 20 years and took over this store 3 years ago. He answered our questions on their breeders to include how pups were raised, space for them, transportation to the store, and the tracking of genetic defects. A number of photos with information were available on many of the breeders they used. I took Petland for their word and did not personally check into each breeder. A vet I play tennis with and not associated with Petland, told me he has seen some excellent dogs come from the store. We decided to buy two pups, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a miniature Australian Sheppard. The Aussie was vibrantly healthy and the Cavalier had the slightest hint of a puppy cough (which they made aware to us from the start and which they provided medication). The animal was cleared by their vet the day we brought him home. The dogs were expensive compared to buying from a local breeder, but Adam did some trimming of the cost for a number of reasons. I think the full range of support with access to a variety of pups, microchip registration, confidence in the AKC/APRI, their research into their breeders, warranties, education aids and the several vet screenings done on each animal, offset things I wasn't sure I would get from a local breeder. How long would it take me to truly be informed on all those areas? Petland employee Natalie, spent a whopping 2.5 hours with us the night we brought the dogs home, covering the myriad of details that need to be addressed. All in all, so far as we don't run into any future issues that aren't handled properly, the experience was VERY positive. Most importantly, WE LOVE THE NEW PUPS

Kylie G

Customer Comments: Easy enough! Everything was easily explained and presented in a clear manner. Glad to bring home our new furry friend!

Tonya S

Customer Comments: Adapoted my new goldendoodle today at petland and was very satified friendly and help staff really cute and well taken care of pets would recommend to anyone.

Tone H

Customer Comments: If you love animals like I do ,you'll love it here . They have lots of dogs and other friendly animals. They are really helpful and courteous . They know they stuff ...

Cliff B

Customer Comments: I choose petland Racine over any other fish store in Racine. Most of there fish are locally breed. They stand behind anything they sell. Great prices. Mark in the fish department is very knowledgeable. This guy really knows his fish!! I can't say enough great things about them. I have a beautiful planted tank thanks to them(Mark).

Christi A

Customer Comments: We came in tot he store for Guinea Pig shampoo and we left with the most adorable French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix ever!!! Family owned company, really take care to know where their dogs come from, and gave us the most amazing "take home" package ever! We are so excited to be adding a new member to our family and are thrilled with our experience here.


Customer Comments: It was good! The customer service here was really awesome.


Customer Comments: Had a perfect time there! We had the best time hanging out with our new puppy! We really enjoyed the store's environment and were very happy we worked with Anna!


Customer Comments: Outstanding job could be the only way to describe my experience. I want to thank you for the care and compassion you extended to me and my new pet. You made a difficult moment brighter with my new friend. Thanks you Sincerely.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! The puppy counselor was able to answer all of our questions. Everyone in the store was very nice and helpful.


Customer Comments: The store was clean and busy. The staff was so helpful and amazing. Kait was great and answered all my questions. The overall visit was great.


Customer Comments: It was great, everyone was helpful and nice! I would definitely come back again :)


Customer Comments: It was a great time, we are so impressed with the puppy socialization! Jamie was very helpful and continues to go above and beyond for me and my new puppy!


Customer Comments: Lyndi was absolutely amazing, she was able to make sure that we had everything we needed. Not only did Lyndi give great customer service but she came in on her scheduled day off to make sure that we were taken care of. We are very grateful for Lyndi making our experience the best one we could have had!


Customer Comments: It was great! Everyone was great at this stor,e I had a really awesome time.


Customer Comments: It was great! The people working at this store were very nice and helpful.


Customer Comments: It was really good.They were super nice and caring at the store! I'm definitely satisfied with how things went.


Customer Comments: Was an amazing time! Cara was very helpful, quick, knowledgeable and made me feel confident about my purchase!


Customer Comments: This was my first time purchasing with Petland Lewis Center and it was very memorable. Anna was extremely polite and told me everything she knew about Bernese Mountain Dogs. Everyone at the Petland had such love for the dogs and their jobs.


Customer Comments: Victoria helped us find the perfect puppy for our family. She was able to explain to our daughter about the Great Dane breed and answer all of our questions about our new puppy. Victoria made sure we left the store happy with the new addition to our family.


Customer Comments: Store visit was good! Kait W. was good as well, she was a big help and very informative. The overall visit was great!


Customer Comments: It was really nice, they were very good and very helpful with everything.


Customer Comments: Had an awesome time, I was very impressed with the staff and how helpful and knowledgeable they were. I was impressed on how well thought out everything I had purchased was put together. I really appreciated everything that they did for me. I love my new puppy

Emily and Justin

Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great! We are a long time customer of this store so we are always happy with the service, the puppies and the store as a whole. We always know what to expect and its always the best!


Customer Comments: Visit was amazing. Lyndi was so patient with us, we had 2 puppies we were trying to choose from, it was a hard decision. She did not rush us and was not pushy either. The overall experience was awesome.


Customer Comments: It was really great! I had some really nice people helping me out in the store the first time I met the puppy, then when I came back in to make the purchase the next day they were still just as friendly and helpful as can be!


Customer Comments: Store visit was good. Jamie and Cara were very helpful and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions an were very profesional.


Customer Comments: Store visit was great! Brock was a big help! He was very informative and answered all of our questions. He was also very patient.


Customer Comments: Great experience at the store. Cara L was awesome with helping us out. Very informative, helpful and efficient.


Customer Comments: Great experience at the store, Kait was awesome. She answered all our questions and provided amazing service.


Customer Comments: It was great, everyone at the store was super helpful!


Customer Comments: It was really great! The puppy counselors did an amazing job.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! Everyone was helpful and positive. Kait was very informative.


Customer Comments: Visit was good. Cara was very helpful.


Customer Comments: Very satisfied with puppy, very affectionate, sweet puppy. Very happy with experience at store as well.


Customer Comments: Sam M. was a great help. Answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. Very pleased with my purchase. No questions or concerns.


Customer Comments: It was very good, they were wonderful. We definitely recommend this Petland to everyone we know. Cara was very helpful and knowledgeable, she made it very easy and exciting for us.


Customer Comments: It was awesome, I knew what I wanted and was excited! Anna was awesome.


Customer Comments: Everything went good at the Petland store, and the experience with the customer service and care was wonderful as well!


Customer Comments: The service was really great, they were all very helpful and nice!


Customer Comments: It was very good, awesome people working at the store!


Customer Comments: It was good, the girls working there did a really good job!


Customer Comments: My experience was pretty good overall, everything went really great though!


Customer Comments: Petland was very good, the people were all kind and helpful as well!


Customer Comments: I had a good visit with and at Petland, they were very helpful and nice!


Customer Comments: My experience at Petland went really well, my partner and I are very pleased with how everything was taken care of, thank you!


Customer Comments: My experience went well at Petland, the service was very quick and super helpful!


Customer Comments: Our experience at Petland was wonderful!


Customer Comments: Petland was excellent! We had a great experience getting our new pups!

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