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Cavalier Puppies for Sale: Fall in Love with these Sweet Faces!

Cavalier Puppies for Sale: Fall in Love with these Sweet Faces!

June 5, 2017

Our Cavalier Puppies for Sale Are Good for Cuddles, Kisses and Lots of Love!

Hello fellow animal lovers! Here at Petland, we think that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the sweetest, most precious-faced breeds out there! While their name might be a bit of a mouthful, the Cavalier is actually one of the easiest breeds to place with a new family because of their laid-back disposition. As a breed that was once bred for royal families, they remain the ultimate lap dog to this day. In fact, this breed is so popular that we always have Cavalier puppies for sale in our store!

Want to know a little more about this regal breed? Check out these facts about the Cavalier:

  • The Cavalier is extremely versatile as a dog breed. They are able to work well in smaller apartments or sprawling country farms. With minimal exercise requirements, the Cavalier can thrive almost anywhere!
  • Their coats are long, but no clipping or trimming is required. They shed only seasonally and need only weekly brushings to keep their fur in tip top shape.
  • They typically weigh between 13-19lbs, with an average lifespan of 12-15 years.┬áCavaliers have a tendency to become overweight, so tread lightly with the treats and no human food please!
  • The Cavalier excels in agility and obedience show, however they need a patient and consistent training regimen for housebreaking.
  • Cavaliers are wonderful with children, which is sometimes hard to find with small breeds. The also make great therapy pets and work well with elderly people.
  • Because of their slightly smushed faces, the Cavalier does not do well in the heat. Make sure to limit their time outside in the summer to keep them from overheating.

Did you find that you love the Cavalier as much as we do? We sure hope so! Make sure you visit our available puppies page to see all of our adorable Cavalier puppies for sale. Or give us a call today to come down and see our puppies in person and get some kisses for yourself!

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